Bako National Park

This place is an introduction of the rainforest of Borneo and is like a cocoon of nature around us. This place is covered with natural vegetation that has dense forests, innumerable animals and birds, trekking trails, amazing beaches and great wildlife. The long-nosed proboscis monkey is one of the unique species that is treasured by Borneo.

The Brooke Gallery

Depicting the history of the island, the gallery has a great importance lingering around its presence. Here in this gallery they showcase the story of the great kingdom i.e. the Sarawak and the white rajahs. They tell the story of how a bold English writer helped them to build Sarawak in the 1830s.

Kuching Esplanade

This place is near the southern bank of Sarawak River. It is about 900 meter long esplanade that starts from Riverbank suites and continues towards the Gambier Market. The Esplanade is bewitching and people love to stroll around this place and just absorb its beauty. This landscape has been a popular place for people since 1993.

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